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With the Affordable Care Act underway in the United States, many consumers are left to wonder how the Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA and Obamacare, will affect dental insurance or discount dental platforms.

The concept behind the ACA has been afordable health coverage for all USA citizens. The issues, defects, and bugs that have befallen this major reform have only added to the confusion. The reality of dental insurance plans was out of reach for many US citizens in the past. Does the ACA assist in lowering dental insuarance coverage for everyone. This question remains open ended.

Select your state from the list below and use the comment system to post questions and comments regarding your concerns with Obamacare dental insuarnce plans, or any discount dental platform.

Dental Information by State

Get the Facts on Your Choices

USA Dental Insurance Plans (abbreviated USADIP) helps you and your family find the right dental care for you. The availablility of the insurance programs and discount plans varies from state to state. USADIP provides essential information regarding your options depending on your geographic location within the USA. Based on the information we provide, you can choose an option that financially suits your needs. There are options for individual, family, or group dental care with competitive pricing for 2014 and beyond.

Traditional dental insurance is the only choice for some situations, however there are nationwide and regional discount plans in combined dentist networks for others. The network of participating doctors and dentists that participate in this care are licensed professionals. Others will opt for the newer style prepaid dicsount plans. This option provides a cost reduction per visit on many services and is best known for the fact that coverage begins immediately.

USADIP is a referral service only. We do not sell insurance. We provide specific details regarding the available options, and point you, the consumer, in the right direction. It is important to note that the reduced fee plans are not insurance, rather they are an innovative alternative to dental insurance, designed for the needs of individuals and families. Reduced fee dentist care is different in several ways from traditional insurance.

Reduced fee plans remove much of the hassle and waiting that goes into enrolling in traditional insurance. Unlike traditional insurance, they do not check for pre-existing conditions. There are no hassles with paperwork, no restrictions on your health, no limits annually, and you'll start saving at the dentist immediately.

Search the options available zip code or select your home state from the list above and start shopping.

How do these choices differ by state?

The choice between traditional dental insurance and a prepaid plan may be easier in some states than others. The participation rate in the prepaid dental planss may not be as high in certain parts of the country. Traditional health care providers sometimes have access to a much better selection of participating providers. This may the deciding factor for many perspective patients.

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